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Services: Support Groups and Parenting Classes

Friend, Inc. Community Services offers various support groups and educational programs to foster strength, health and happiness in the family. Current groups include:

Parent of Teens and Preteens

Six week video and discussion programs to help parents meet the challenges of parenting in today’s turbulent society. The program will provide parents with the skills they need for the following:

Each session also help parents address sensitive issues such as drugs, internet use, sexuality and violence.

Parenting & Tots Time Out

Friend, Inc, Community services and Nurse-Family Partnership facilitate this group for expectant mothers and fathers and parents of new born and preschool children. Babies and preschoolers may attend with parents. Information and support about the following topics are provided:

Parenting 5 to 12 Year Old

Six-week video and discussion group to help parents acquire the skill they need for the following: